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Writer Saeed Jones kicked things off with a string of tweets talking about rejection, which he ended with this:

I bet that literary agent is kicking themselves today.

That’s a good chunk of change, and probably a great memoir, that they just let walk right out the door.

The Office

Some people face rejection at their office jobs. Others, like Angela Kinsey, faced rejection when she auditioned for The Office. But you know what? It worked out.


Four times this person applied to an internship at NASA! It just goes to show you job rejections are almost never personal. Sometimes all you have to do is make yourself stand out from the pile.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Ooh, this one is satisfying. She showed so many people wrong it’s not even funny.

The next one is priceless.

Career focus

How amazing is this?! I love it so much. Sellers clarified in a subsequent tweet, “the point I was making was while he was trying to ‘focus on his career’ I was able to do the same AND still date. All he had to say was ‘I’m just not that into you.’ The career line, especially at 22, felt like a cop-out.”

Double rejection


This is cruel. This is next-level.

“Bridget Jones fat”

While statements like this aren’t uncommon, they’re still awful to read. I’m glad this author stood by her story. That takes some strength.


This is so rich. I love when the people who rejected you end up coming crawling back for your approval.

Savage Garden

That’s right! Even Savage Garden, who had some of the biggest hits of the ’90s, were rejected multiple times before someone took a chance on them.

The next one seems like it can’t be true, but it is.

Almost replaced

This is a crazy story! I wonder why they thought they needed to replace him to begin with. Clearly, he was right for the role!

Jo Sharp

Who knows Jo Sharp better than Jo Sharp herself!

The people doing the rejecting aren’t always the best people for that job, it seems.

One year later

Programs like writers’ workshops see mountains of applicants. Just because you didn’t fit the niche they were looking for at that specific time does not at all mean that you are not talented.

Stage presence

What kind of crazy criteria does Six Flags have for its dolphin show hosts? Clearly, this woman knows how to command a stage.

Table of rejections

What an amazing idea! If only rejections still came in the mail…

The next one really is absurd.

Not on par

Listen, teachers don’t know what they’re talking about a lot of the time. Make sure the rejections you face in your young life don’t deter you from pursuing your dreams.


That just goes to show you that fan art is real art! 50 Shades of Grey started as Twilight fan fiction! Get with the program, people!

Social media

Boy was that person wrong.

I’m glad she didn’t listen to that client.

Wrong rejection

It’s bad enough getting your own rejections, but then also getting rejections that weren’t even meant for you?! That’s a terrible trick the universe plays.

727 auditions

727 auditions. And he still didn’t give up.

And now he’s on Broadway.

The next one comes from a famous film director.


Edgar Wright couldn’t get hired to direct a commercial that was supposed to be shot in the style of his own show! If that doesn’t show you that people have no idea what they’re doing, I don’t know what will.

Artificial limitations

It’s so sad that we actively shut down people’s dreams for made up reasons. I love that this person wouldn’t give in to the negativity.

Wouldn’t get too far

I genuinely don’t understand this guy. Was 27 too young or too old? Clearly, it was neither and he had no business saying what he said.

Fellow rejectees

Sometimes, it doesn’t even take that long at all too bounce back after what seems like a monstrously huge rejection. Again, these tough times have nothing to do with how talented you are or how hard you work.

Made by women

Well, look at that. Women making things. Who would have thought?

In the next one, the rejector predicted his fate.

“Didn’t flip”

He knew! He knew she was going to be successful and he let her go anyway. That’s so hard to understand, but so are most rejections.

The Post

How insane is this story?

She came out of nowhere with an incredibly successful movie script, and by nowhere I mean years of hard work and rejection. That’s how this works if you haven’t noticed by now.


Whew. Man, after a rejection like that, she can probably withstand anything!

That’s harsh.


I’d say that little risk and that rejection paid off.

Wouldn’t you?

Three hours

via: Twitter

In certain professions, rejection is most of the job. Whatever you do, you’ll come face to face with rejection. It’s how you handle it that will set you apart.

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