5 Harmful Things We Need to Stop Using Right Now


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 33.1 million people in the USA get negatively affected by household products every year. Whether those are injuries, deaths, or damage to property, the numbers are still frightening. Scientists believe it happens mostly due to the chemicals contained in various products.

We at TalkwithStranger care about our health very much, that’s why we compiled a list of hazardous everyday products that we need to stop using immediately.

5. Styrofoam products

It’s been said numerous times that those Styrofoam takeout containers are bad for our environment. The bad news is that Styrofoam doesn’t bring any benefits to our health either. Styrofoam contains styrene — a toxic chemical that has had a close connection with developing cancer, vision and hearing loss, and nervous system issues and damage. This chemical leaches out and gets into our bodies whenever we eat hot food or drinks on Styrofoam plates and cups.

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration knows about the negative effects of this chemical and are doing their best to limit its usage as much as possible.

4. Pressed wood products

That little wooden table standing in the corner of your room is not as innocent as it might seem. The thing is that manufacturers glue together all the timber products your table is made of with the help of resin that contains urea-formaldehyde, which emits formaldehyde in your room. The bad news is that the hotter and more humid your room is, the more formaldehyde pressed wood emits. Long term exposure to this product can cause the development of lung diseases, asthma, and even cancer.

3. Products with antibacterial properties

2. Mosquito coil

It’s hard to imagine a warm evening outside without a mosquito coil slowly smoldering nearby. It seems this simple, but great invention brings nothing but benefits. It turns out that it’s not that simple.

Scientists have made calculations and found out that the smoke that comes from one burning mosquito coil equals to the smoke of 75-137 cigarettes. This amount exposes any live creature, including humans, to a huge risk of developing various lung diseases.

1. Incense sticks

That nice smell that incense sticks create in your home is also on the list of the most dangerous elements. Just like the mosquito coil, the smoke they emit contains a number of hazardous compounds that affect our health negatively, starting from developing asthma and other lung illnesses and finishing with cancer.

Therefore, we should be careful with anything that burns and gives off smoke, because these products affect our respiratory system directly.

Which of these products are you going to stop using? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

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