Me Gusta Meme From Rage Comics


You’ve probably come across that funny looking “Me Gusta” meme if you’re active on social media sites that heavily rely on photo sharing, like Reddit or Tumblr.

The Me Gusta meme has become a quite popular drawing that has helped define internet culture as we know it today, and it’s recognized as one of the web’s most popular memes.

What Is a Meme, Anyway?

An internet meme is an idea or concept that goes viral as more and more people share it on the web. The meme can take the form of a photo, a video, a word, a quotation, or anything else that can be easily passed from one person to another.

Origin of the “Me Gusta” Meme

The Me Gusta meme is part of a series of comics called Rage comics. The faces that make up the comics are known as rage faces. In 2008, the internet forum site 4chan helped propel rage faces into internet stardom. According to Know Your Meme, it was a Reddit user named “Insert” who said to have drawn the original Me Gusta face before posting it on 4chan.

Over the past few years, rage faces experienced a big increase in popularity, especially as new forms of social networks become available and sharing information is now easier than ever.

The Meaning of the “Me Gusta” Meme

Me Gusta means “it pleases me” as translated from Spanish to English.

The Me Gusta meme is generally used to express pleasure for awkward or sometimes disgusting situations. For example, a Rage comic might feature a series of drawings of faces that are having trouble battling the cold. When the character steps into the shower and turns on the hot water, the Me Gusta meme face would be the most appropriate to use as a way to express a strange sense of pleasure to the warmth. The Me Gusta meme face is often used at the very end of a rage comic.

Visual Appearance of the “Me Gusta” Meme

The Me Gusta meme is one of the silliest looking Rage faces. He is characterized by a very round, fat head with no hair. He has two big, bulging eyes that are bloodshot and pointed outward.

His mouth is closed with his lips pursed together to form a funny looking smile. His nose barely looks like a normal human being’s nose, and he has creases on his forehead to exaggerate the emotion.

The face is often accompanied by the saying “ME GUSTA” in big red or black letters, but since the meme is so widespread over the web, the face sometimes doesn’t even need the words to get the point across because the facial expression is often self-explanatory.

Where to Find Me Gusta Meme Rage Comics

The best way to find comics with the Me Gusta meme is to join social sharing sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest, 4chan, or others and do a search for “Me Gusta.”

Meme sites like BuzzFeed and Know Your Meme also often post rage comics of all sorts, including comics with the Me Gusta meme face.

How to Make Your Own

Rage comics are made and shared by tons of people from all over the web. The easiest way to make your own is to visit Memebase’s Rage Builder. With the Rage Builder, you’re given a layout to build your comic, along with a bunch of tools like paint color and text boxes.

Of course, there’s also a drop-down menu from which you can choose any rage face you want in order to express your emotion. The Me Gusta meme can be found under the “Pleased” selection from the drop-down menu.

A bunch of faces will appear at the top of your comic layout from which you can drag and drop into whatever box you want and then customize to your liking.

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