4 Unrealistic Things I see In Movies That Annoy Me To Death


The air in Mexico is not yellow

In many movies, Mexico is shown through a yellow filter to show how hot it is, which makes countless people believe this in their lives. But it is not the truth and does not exist in this world such a strange color.

An average apartment in New York looks worse than many movies

In Manhattan, even those who work hard often can't afford a big two-bedroom apartment. The apartments they can afford are usually much smaller and have only one bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.


People typically don’t have access to vents

There are quite a few movies in which the hero dives into an air duct to avoid danger. However, this is unlikely to happen in real life. Because most ventilation ducts are small and dusty. The most important thing is unable to bear the weight of an adult.

Getting knocked down is worse than it sounds in the movies

In the movie, after the protagonist is hit on the head, he or she can quickly recover and continue the development of the story. In some action movies, even if the main character fainted after being hit on the head, he didn't seem to have much impact when he woke up. He didn't also have to go to the hospital for a check-up. But face this kind of situation in real life, must take seriously. Because hitting someone hard on the head can cause internal bleeding and even brain damage. If a person lies down for more than five minutes, an ambulance must be called immediately


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